Booty Jams Podcast

Sexy Talk for Sexy People

Episode 13

Ever heard of urethral sounding??? Basically, folks love jamming rods in their pee holes! We talk about this unique interest, and ask if there’s a way to do it safely. Also, perhaps just as interesting, some folks love puke. We wonder why?

Correction: We mention vomitoriums. Boy oh boy were we wrong about that shit. Here’s a proper article about the thing.

“While there was something called a vomitorium (from the Latin vomitus, past participle of vomere, to vomit), it wasn’t a room set aside to vomit in. Rather a vomitorium was a passageway in an amphitheater or theater that opened into a tier of seats from below or behind. The vomitoria of the Colosseum in Rome were so well designed that it’s said the immense venue, which seated at least 50,000, could fill in 15 minutes. The vomitoria deposited mobs of people into their seats and afterward disgorged them with equal abruptness into the streets–whence, presumably, the name.”

But we were almost right! Romans were pretty casual about some vomit:

‘…”When we recline at a banquet, one [slave] wipes up the spittle; another, situated beneath [the table], collects the leavings of the drunks.”‘ OK, it doesn’t literally say puke, but come on. The orator Cicero, in Pro Rege Deiotaro, says matter-of-factly that Julius Caesar “expressed a desire to vomit after dinner”(vomere post cenam te velle dixisses), and elsewhere suggests that the dictator took emetics for this purpose.”

Read the full article here

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