Booty Jams Podcast

Sexy Talk for Sexy People

Episode 15

Open relationships. They’re not for everyone, but believe it or not they can totally work! We get into the rules, complications, and attractions to open relationships. Also, what is game? What do we mean when we say someone’s got game? Don’t get too psyched on yourself, your game might be whack as shit!

Nice article we found on non-mongamy in the the gay community. Good stuff:

“When Rio and Ray married in 2008, the Bay Area women omitted two words from their wedding vows: fidelity and monogamy. ‘“I take it as a gift that someone will be that open and honest and sharing with me,”’ said Rio, using the word “open” to describe their marriage.”

Read all the deets here.

Go buy a blow up doll at Taboo, and fuck the shit out of it! Get freaky: RVAFreaks!


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