Booty Jams Podcast

Sexy Talk for Sexy People

Episode 17

Finally, we cover a subject that affects 90% of our listening audience, thats rights folks: Sex addiction! We’re wondering if its a legit condition, and if so, whos affected? (Probably every SLP out there!)
Also, another installment of our series: ‘Mysteries of the Flaccid Penis!’

Check out whether you’re addicted!
Sex Addict Screening:
“The Sexual Addiction Screening Test (SAST) is designed to assist in the assessment of sexually compulsive behavior which may indicate the presence of sex addiction. Developed in cooperation with hospitals, treatment programs, private therapists, and community groups, the SAST provides a profile of responses which help to discriminate between addictive and non-addictive behavior. Before starting the assessment we need basic information in order to build your profile.”

Take the test!

Oh, and all your favorite celebrities are addicts!

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