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Article: ‘The Professional’

It often seems the commonly held perception of the sex worker/client relationship is about dominace, power, and control. By paying for a sexual interaction a male client can have free reign to enact his sadistic fantasies upon a helpless victim. Perhaps, the commonly held belief is not this extreme, but most often it comes dangerously close.
Below we offer a different take on the relationships between sex workers and their clients. Among other realizations our author, Charlotte Shane, found that many men are seeking more empathy than we commonly believe:

“The longer I’ve worked, the more it seems that the sex is often a front. It’s an entry point that allows men to make their real request (for affection, understanding, and connection) while still satisfying stereotypical ideas of masculinity. What most men want is a great romance or, at the very least, a great friendship. They want to feel like they’re falling in love. They want to feel loved in return.”

Shane, who who writes at Nightmare Brunette, cleverly illuminates the dynamic relationships she has with her clients; offering us a view that shows the humanity in the sex industry that is often ignored.

Find the full article here

[Also, check out Feministing where we found this article]


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