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Our First RVA Freaks Article!

So we’ve been representing the folks over at RVAFreaks for a while now. They’re great people, and we totally support their efforts to provide awesome resources and content to all of us wild ones. In addition, we love ’em cause they just posted the first two of many BJP articles on their website! We’re super stoked on this collaboration, and will be publishing posts weekly. But don’t think for a second that these will just be repeats of what you see here, au contraire! We’ll be elaborating on ideas we start talking about in the podcast, and we’ll even be dabbling in original content too! So, stay tuned for more hour long episodes, podcast shorts, articles, and our sweet sweet dance parties.

Links to the articles here and here! Enjoy!

Thanks again RVAFreaks, and don’t forget to come out on Friday December 10th to Cous Cous in Richmond VA for our first dance party! Facebook event here


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