Booty Jams Podcast

Sexy Talk for Sexy People

Episode 42

You used to hear them all the time when you were younger, those crazy names for absurd sex acts; The Donkey Punch, The Dirty Sanchez, The Cleveland Steamer, and the list goes on. In this episode we bring up a few of those novelty dirty words, and seriously discuss their roots and meanings. Our subjects for this inquiry: The Boston Steamer, The French Press, The Pussy Flush, The Avalanche, and your classic Dick Drunk. Get in, you might want to try these at home.
Also, on this episode we get real, and talk about fuckin up. We’re all tryin to live an SLP lifestyle, tryin to communicate, tryin to be open, but we all make mistakes, and we got to realize its allowed. Just don’t do it more than once! Jett cries in this one. Things get real. Listen up.

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