Booty Jams Podcast

Sexy Talk for Sexy People

Episode 44

And thus in the last episode of 2010 we want to talk to you about how god damn jealous you are. Have you been holding in resentment for your friends booty calls? Thinking lowly of yourself because you can’t get anyone to care about you? Check your envy at the door and dip into the reflection pool, idiots. In said pool, do a little water play. Fake drown yourself (but be safe about it)! We cover jealousy 2.0 and water bondage. Get in this before it’s too late. Grab a whiskey drink for us as well.

So we’ve been hunting the the internets for some resources on water bondage. There is little in terms of actual guides to do it well, but if you're interested in playing with sub/Dom stuff including any type of bondage, its a good look to have a general understanding of how power play works on a basic level. If you’ve never read it, take a look at Screw The Roses, Send Me The Thorns. Really great resource for someone just starting out. You can certainly take the information in this book and apply it to lots of different interests, it teaches the level of respect, and care that is required in sub/Dom play. Check it out!

Thanks so much to Taboo, RVAFreaks, and GayRVA. Check that KINK shit too!


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