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We are extremely excited to make a HUGE announcement today!

Booty Jams Podcast is proud to partner up with! If you didn’t know Adam and Eve is the largest and oldest retailer of adult sex toys in the United States. That being said we we’re thrilled when their ad people contacted us! What does it all mean for you? Well beginning RIGHT NOW you can go to and get a 50% discount on almost any item using the exlcusive Booty Jams promo code: “Booty.” Not only do you get 50% off almost any item, but in addition you receive 3 free dvds, AND free shipping!

Thats right folks, type in “Booty” at check out, and you get 50% off, 3 free dvds, AND free shipping! What could be better?!

We at Booty Jams couldn’t be happier to offer all our SLPers such an awesome deal on all their sex toy needs! So go shopping!

Follow this link. Or hit one of the banner ads near the top of the blog to get those sweet ass deals!


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