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Booty Jams is a podcast about sex and dating. We promote an SLP lifestyle, thats Sex Life People, folks that respect their partners, communicate effectively, and don’t cloak their motives. Check out all of our episodes here, on iTunes, or you can even give us a call at 804.592.0565!
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One comment on “Booty Jams

  1. toni
    April 27, 2011

    gender identity is such a touchy subject. as a preschool teacher, i run into a lot weird parents that dont want their little boys playing in the “home living area” of the classroom. meaning, the play kitchen, dress up area, dolls, (both male and female dolls) etc………..i find it so bizarre that parents dont want their child to play with all the components of the classroom! Like, they are SO homophobic that they think that if their son picks up a doll they will turn gay? Because really, thats the message they are sending. I have parents at my preschool that have literally ripped a toy doll out of their child’s hand and said, “oooooh, nooooooo, not that, here look, a ball!” Like, how confusing for a kid is that….”why cant i play with this doll? why does me playing with this doll make my dad so mad?” so yeah…..i have actually had conferences with parents and let them know that dramatic play is a normal and healthy part of childhood development and that we need to nurture that caring/sensitive part of every little boy as well as the daring/adventurous part of every girl to help support a WELL ROUNDED child. like what the fuck? do parents REALLY think that because their 3 yr. old boy plays barbies with his girlfriends that he will “TURN” into a gay? Like there is some magical breeze in the air that will turn ya gay? I dunno dude, I do everything in my power everyday to expose both little girls and boys to every aspect of play, whether their mom or dad thinks its cool, i dont give a fuck. if your son is in my class and he wants to play dress up with the priness gown and crown, hes going to do it, and im going to be in to it, ALL THE WAY. FUCK stereotypes, fuck trying to make little kids feel shameful, look at yourself in the mirror, and tell me how you sleep at night making your baby cry b/c he played with a fucking doll at school. dick. anyways. love yr podcast, love prince, please do “Pussy Control” by Prince as an opening song. ————Togar the Impaler

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